Monday, October 3, 2011

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.”

 This cartoon was appropriately chosen to describe what my mother said, after I confessed my next cherry popping experience (you're so dirty). I was fortunate enough to be able to cross something off my bucket list at such a young age. So no regrets here! I went bungee jumping, folks!
 Obviously, due to the fact I'm even blogging about it, I SURVIVED and enjoyed it! Would I do it again? I'll get back to you on that. I started to make this bucket list back in high school. I wasn't dying or anything; I just felt like I had too many life changing moments in mind, to keep them all in my head. A lot of the things on there, many would agree, are impossible dreams. Maybe I'll share my list on my next blog post. Anyways, I dragged two victims with me. What? Did you think I would take the risk of possibly dying alone??!!! HA! So naive!
 Kids, I had a moment of panic on that bridge. I could not remember for the life of me, why I wanted to do this. Oh, but this gal did not make a BIG DEAL out of this, and was not gonna bail. Do you recall my double-dog dare post? Yeah, I'm not a chicken shit. If I was, you sure as hell wouldn't know. Well, I guess now you might. Dang it. 
 So, I'm on the edge. My friend, Ryan, went first. He survived. I still had a 50/50 chance. Oh, that small, old, weak-looking crane did not reassure my good odds. I was relieved and glad I went to the bathroom before making this jump. I'm on the other side of the bridge, about to jump, and I just thought to myself..."Think of those people that would say your dreams are impossible of experiencing before you die. Shoot! If you die now, wouldn't you want to know you tried achieving your list at least?" I went for it! 
 WHAT A RUSH! I felt so confused and excited at the same time. Nothing was stopping me from falling for a couple of secs. Just continued to fall. It bewildered me. If you fall, the ground is there to stop you. Get me? Well then the cord stretched to its limits, and I ricocheted. Mom should have been proud, though; that I did not cuss. Or did I? I can't recall. HEY! You can't blame me for not remembering every single detail of that day. I was overwhelmed with emotions! As they were pulling me up, I had to toot my own horn. I didn't throw up! Aside from possibly dying, I was scared I would hurl while I was in the air. GROSS! 
 There it is. One of many things I will be crossing off my "Not impossible" Bucket List. Care to join me on my next adventure?