Friday, March 18, 2011

"That's odd. You sounded handsome on the phone."

 Stereotypically, blind dates have a bad rep. Automatically, you're thinking what's wrong with this person if they need to be set up? Well, it hit me. Doesn't that go vice-versa? Is there something wrong with my dating life; is there something wrong with me? Why do I need to be set up?
 Turns out, nothing is wrong with me. Apparently, I'm a catch! My friend thought I would be a great date for one of her friends. So, what's wrong with him then? According to my friend, there's nothing wrong. He's just away a lot since he works on a tanker. He doesn't get to meet many girls and wants to get to know someone cool to chill with while he's in town. Ladies and gents, I think we found a keeper. Someone that wants to "hang out" and isn't necessarily looking for something official??? Someone I won't run into somewhere in Seattle and feel awkward if I'm with someone else, or if they're with a date themselves?! Yes, please! Sign me up! Set this girl up!
 ~*Cue atomic bomb in my FACE!* Friends, it sounded good on paper.~
 A couple of text messages here and there were exchanged before the nerve-wrecking meet-up. He gets in on Tuesday and we agree to meet on Wednesday night. He cancels. I'm a bit disappointed, but totally understood. I would be tired too if I landed in Seattle at midnight, barely slept, had to wake up early to find a ride to my parents' house, and still find time to primp for a gorgeous date. Yeah, I'm that cocky. Pfft! So, I continued with my plans. I went to my happy hour and enjoyed myself amongst friends.
 "Rigger" texted me and expressed how disappointed he was he didn't get to see me. Said he felt like a zombie, and probably looked it. He just didn't want to meet like that. *Scoff* I'm feeling quite nice and toasty, due to the 2 Scandinavian Pops I had in me (half off!! HH prices), and I start thinking with my MP (metaphorical penis) again. I suggested we do something a bit lay low. Somewhere around where he is, so, we can at least get to meet and chat for a bit. Nothing fancy. Just a drink or two. He can suggest the place. The New Virgin Queen bats her eyes, flashes a smile, and gets what she wants. He said he was in, but that he didn't want to stay out too late. He wanted to make sure I knew he was up for getting together, but not to expect too much since he was dragging.
 People, let's be honest. He was thinking the same thing as I was. He's a guy!!!! I think like one (most of the time)!!! This boy was dealing with no rookie. It's not being cynical, it's being realistic. Turns out he was a bit under the influence too. We went to a local dive bar around his place. We hit it off pretty well.
 Loyal followers, he was "sprung on me." Words, straight from him, to my friend that set us up. What is that, by the way? That's a new word for me. I've heard of "smitten" or "head over heels", but "sprung"? Moving on, the boy was talking about camping in the summer, teaching me about the stars and constellations, and so on. I apologize, friends. I bought it for a slight MILLISECOND. He got me in a vulnerable state. I'm toasty, feeling randy, and he wasn't half bad. A tad short and hairy for my taste, but it worked for me. We covered a few "bases", definitely held back on the home run. Rigger was M.I.A for 2 weeks. No text, no call, nothing! Not even a courtesy booty call! Got me riled up! I was looking forward to some wine and dinning, with a side of an afternoon delight. Good thing I can find lots of ways to distract myself, though. I'll explain those in the upcoming posts, pervs!

*Update: Rigger showed his "pretty" little trimmed face a couple of days ago. He wants to meet up before he ships off in 12 days. I'm tempted, but I think someone needs to sweat a bit. No one makes Bettie West second guess herself, NOT even for a millisecond.*

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