Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Plenty of Fish" in the sea

 After my first blind date, I realized I need a better love life. The fact that I can probably count the amount of dates I have had all my life, on one hand (maybe with both), is pretty sad and a tad pathetic.I decided to join a dating site. I joined I set up my profile, wrote a bit about myself, posted a picture or 4, and waited the first to take the bait. I got a couple of e-mails 20 mins after signing up. What's going on out there?! The fish are definitely biting! Now, are they desperate or am I?
 I don't think it's neither. I seriously think it's becoming the norm. Most likely you'll get better quality men or women if you sign up to a membership type of dating site, like eHarmony or Though, it's still the same thing. You just have to screen them better. I'm going fishing, y'all. I see a handful of award winning fish. I'll keep you all posted.  I'm gonna commit to this and hope for the best.
 Since I'm extremely new to online dating, I'm a bit apprehensive about this. What exactly do I look for? Some might just be photogenic and really don't look as good face to face. Others sound great on paper, but completely the opposite of who they are. Geez! Am I really ready for this?? Do I consider myself a great detective or judge of character? Will I be able to pick out the "creepsters" from the "normal" folks?? This might get too stressful. I think I'll last a month tops! Bummer.

***Update Update****
 I joined on 3/9/11. It's now the 30th and I lasted only 3 weeks. It's quite sad, guys. Too many let downs and heart breaks. Not my heart, too :(

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