Thursday, March 31, 2011

Facebook is no longer my Anti-drug

As Lent was approaching, I decided to do something that I've been wanting to do, but never really had the motivation to do it. I said I was going to give up Facebook for Lent. Yeah, some of you are probably rolling your eyes. I don't consider myself a practicing Catholic, but I figured I should try to maintain a connection with the Big Guy. I'm not retarded either. I don't really believe He is going to be impressed with my sacrifice during this time of medtitation and spirituality. "Yes, my child. I hold you in big regards for not being able to finish your Scrabble game and RSVP 'Attending' to next week's party. Betsy over there, promised to volunteer in a soup kitchen every Saturday and gave up lying, but I still think you're the bee's knees." My God has a sarcastic sense of humor. Hahaha...we get along well. Hence, why I think he's fine with my decision. He knows it means more to me than just for Lent.
 Facebook was taking over. Personally, I don't think I have an addictive personality, but at times I think to myself, "Why push it?" FB, wasn't a way of connecting with old or new friends anymore. It was becoming a daily routine.  Having such an active role in my life, FB was affecting my personal growth and path to discovery. I was letting comments, statuses, pictures, or the lack of, affect the way I was seeing myself. I needed a break. I needed FB rehab. I know 40 days and nights are enough to show me that I'm in control of my life and feelings, definitely not others via a social network. I concentrated my time on getting back to my weight-loss, love life, and my private book club. Plenty of Fish was suppose to fill that empty void FB left behind. Thankfully, it doesn't manipulate my time. POF comes to me (messages), I don't go fishing. So, I thought, well I guess I can give another social network a try. What was that site called? The one with the little bird. TWITTER!
 Twitter and I, have had some ups and downs. I didn't get it. I think it's because I don't update my every move. Plus, I enjoyed reading other people's comments about what I was thinking or doing. You really truly can't do that with twitter. Though, lately twitter and I have bonded. We're getting along just fine. I have more time on my hands to make a twitter update; I post links to pictures and videos. It's slowly growing on me and becoming a lot easier to use. Anyhow, the real question here is, "After Lent, am I staying away from Facebook for good?" Ladies and gents, the jury is still out on that one. I have days where I don't even think about it, but then I have moments where I wonder what my friends and family are doing back home. Wondering what's new in their life. Yes, I can text some, or even call, but it's not the same. It's not enough. Facebook, can be used for good. If I decide to reactivate my account, it will be for keeping contact with Miami, and Nicaragua too. Seriously, the jury is deliberating a verdict. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Plenty of Fish" in the sea

 After my first blind date, I realized I need a better love life. The fact that I can probably count the amount of dates I have had all my life, on one hand (maybe with both), is pretty sad and a tad pathetic.I decided to join a dating site. I joined I set up my profile, wrote a bit about myself, posted a picture or 4, and waited the first to take the bait. I got a couple of e-mails 20 mins after signing up. What's going on out there?! The fish are definitely biting! Now, are they desperate or am I?
 I don't think it's neither. I seriously think it's becoming the norm. Most likely you'll get better quality men or women if you sign up to a membership type of dating site, like eHarmony or Though, it's still the same thing. You just have to screen them better. I'm going fishing, y'all. I see a handful of award winning fish. I'll keep you all posted.  I'm gonna commit to this and hope for the best.
 Since I'm extremely new to online dating, I'm a bit apprehensive about this. What exactly do I look for? Some might just be photogenic and really don't look as good face to face. Others sound great on paper, but completely the opposite of who they are. Geez! Am I really ready for this?? Do I consider myself a great detective or judge of character? Will I be able to pick out the "creepsters" from the "normal" folks?? This might get too stressful. I think I'll last a month tops! Bummer.

***Update Update****
 I joined on 3/9/11. It's now the 30th and I lasted only 3 weeks. It's quite sad, guys. Too many let downs and heart breaks. Not my heart, too :(

Friday, March 18, 2011

"That's odd. You sounded handsome on the phone."

 Stereotypically, blind dates have a bad rep. Automatically, you're thinking what's wrong with this person if they need to be set up? Well, it hit me. Doesn't that go vice-versa? Is there something wrong with my dating life; is there something wrong with me? Why do I need to be set up?
 Turns out, nothing is wrong with me. Apparently, I'm a catch! My friend thought I would be a great date for one of her friends. So, what's wrong with him then? According to my friend, there's nothing wrong. He's just away a lot since he works on a tanker. He doesn't get to meet many girls and wants to get to know someone cool to chill with while he's in town. Ladies and gents, I think we found a keeper. Someone that wants to "hang out" and isn't necessarily looking for something official??? Someone I won't run into somewhere in Seattle and feel awkward if I'm with someone else, or if they're with a date themselves?! Yes, please! Sign me up! Set this girl up!
 ~*Cue atomic bomb in my FACE!* Friends, it sounded good on paper.~
 A couple of text messages here and there were exchanged before the nerve-wrecking meet-up. He gets in on Tuesday and we agree to meet on Wednesday night. He cancels. I'm a bit disappointed, but totally understood. I would be tired too if I landed in Seattle at midnight, barely slept, had to wake up early to find a ride to my parents' house, and still find time to primp for a gorgeous date. Yeah, I'm that cocky. Pfft! So, I continued with my plans. I went to my happy hour and enjoyed myself amongst friends.
 "Rigger" texted me and expressed how disappointed he was he didn't get to see me. Said he felt like a zombie, and probably looked it. He just didn't want to meet like that. *Scoff* I'm feeling quite nice and toasty, due to the 2 Scandinavian Pops I had in me (half off!! HH prices), and I start thinking with my MP (metaphorical penis) again. I suggested we do something a bit lay low. Somewhere around where he is, so, we can at least get to meet and chat for a bit. Nothing fancy. Just a drink or two. He can suggest the place. The New Virgin Queen bats her eyes, flashes a smile, and gets what she wants. He said he was in, but that he didn't want to stay out too late. He wanted to make sure I knew he was up for getting together, but not to expect too much since he was dragging.
 People, let's be honest. He was thinking the same thing as I was. He's a guy!!!! I think like one (most of the time)!!! This boy was dealing with no rookie. It's not being cynical, it's being realistic. Turns out he was a bit under the influence too. We went to a local dive bar around his place. We hit it off pretty well.
 Loyal followers, he was "sprung on me." Words, straight from him, to my friend that set us up. What is that, by the way? That's a new word for me. I've heard of "smitten" or "head over heels", but "sprung"? Moving on, the boy was talking about camping in the summer, teaching me about the stars and constellations, and so on. I apologize, friends. I bought it for a slight MILLISECOND. He got me in a vulnerable state. I'm toasty, feeling randy, and he wasn't half bad. A tad short and hairy for my taste, but it worked for me. We covered a few "bases", definitely held back on the home run. Rigger was M.I.A for 2 weeks. No text, no call, nothing! Not even a courtesy booty call! Got me riled up! I was looking forward to some wine and dinning, with a side of an afternoon delight. Good thing I can find lots of ways to distract myself, though. I'll explain those in the upcoming posts, pervs!

*Update: Rigger showed his "pretty" little trimmed face a couple of days ago. He wants to meet up before he ships off in 12 days. I'm tempted, but I think someone needs to sweat a bit. No one makes Bettie West second guess herself, NOT even for a millisecond.*


 Ahhh!! How long has it been!? Way too long, that's for sure! So, let's see, have I popped any cherries since we last conversed? Why, yes I have. I went to our nation's capital, Washington, D.C., to visit Lexy. I have been there before when I was probably 14 or 15 years old. What I consider a new experience, though, is being able to visit a friend from home, elsewhere. I have lots of friends that moved out of Miami, and I never had a chance to visit them (No, Tati. Visiting you in Atlanta didn't count. Delta was nice enough to fly me out there for an interview, where I had the chance to also see you guys very quickly).
 I went with the intentions of visiting so much history, but with one main monument in mind. I was looking forward to seeing 'ol Honest Abe. Lincoln is probably one of my favorite presidents, and I just had to see the big guy on his porcelain throne. Wait, is it porcelain? Let's just say it is, because the joke would suck if it wasn't. Anyways, my trip consisted of booze, booze, Firefly, and more booze. It was flippin' delightful! It's now or never, no? Can I really do these types of trips when I'm partnered up and 40, and maybe with adopted Russian and Nicaraguan toddlers? No, I could not do these types of adventures. It was blissful! Oh, and there was icing on the cake, boys and girls. I met me some Aussies! Full blown "Dingo ate my baby" Aussies! YummMMmM....those accents are delish! Then again, I'm a sucker for any kind of accents. Hmm, no, not any.  Sadly, I was only able to get a Facebook name out of one of them. Crikey! I wanted my trip down under. Oi..Oi..Oi..
 DC, definitely left me wanting more. I loved the fact I was able to walk a block to the Metro, and be a hop, skip, and a jump away from museums, bars, monuments, Presidents, and somewhere I can pay tribute to admirable, courageous fallen soldiers. I could totally get used to living in an area like that. I forgot how much I missed living on the East coast. People are way different, and there's something in the air. Success? Persistence? Cut-throat competition? It's something you just have to experience. If you have lived it, and it wasn't your cup of tea, then no worries. It's not for everyone. You are, who you are; even if you're a dirty hippie west coaster, God still loves you. HAHAHAHAHA....
 While I was on this wonderful vacay, I realized something about me. Something I knew, but really never fully embraced it. Well, lately I have been. In fact, I've blogged about it. I'm a geek. I know this, you know this, but sometimes it's hard to be ok with it. I spent that weekend watching Firefly for the first time and loving it, having debates like "Batman vs. Superman", participating in trivia night (I knew the quote was from Princess Bride and another one from Tropic Thunder), and I was surrounded by  geeks, nerds, and NEEKS! It felt nice. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of those in Seattle. I have no regrets on moving here. If I would have never left Miami and it's beautiful SoBe, I would probably still be in the "geek closet". I'm glad I'm finding out who I am, and being okay with it.