Sunday, February 13, 2011

Popping cherries, popping champagne

 Forgive me, blog, for I have sinned. It has been about two weeks since my last posting. I'm terrible, I know. In fact, I feel atrocious and guilty for being so behind. I didn't forget about you, I just got busy and quite distracted. Also, I felt horrible for not having any adventures to talk about. By the way, dear kind reader, let me ease your anticipation now. I still don't have too much discuss. I did have a couple of firsts in the past two weeks, it's just I might have to refrain from sharing too many details. It turns out that I do have a handful of family members that read my blogs every now and then. Crap. Oh well, I won't hold back too much; I gotta keep it intriguing.
 We'll start with the firsts of these firsts. I had a girls night last week that will be going down in history. We went to a total dive bar and participated in their karaoke night. It was so much fun that we decided to make it a monthly thing. Same bar, same night, same time, and same girls. Hopefully, I'll be meeting someone new every time. Hehehehehe...I met my first ginger. Total redhead, straight from Ireland. Okay, he wasn't full blown Irish, but he sure was Irish descent. I, of course inebriated, didn't notice that till the next day. To my defense, the bar was dimly lit and he had a hat on. Anyways, his nationality wasn't the only "first" that night. You (my blog) came to mind. I thought to myself, "What haven't I done ever with a guy?" I have never kissed with my eyes opened. Wild, aren't I? Well hey, I find it incredibly disturbing to do such a thing. Why would you kiss with your eyes opened!? How can you get passionate or totally into it, if you're busy looking at how someone looks like when they're kissing? To resume, I seduced this boy and he stole a kiss from me at the end of the night. I took a chance of being caught, and opened my eyes. GEEZ, that was awkward. I didn't last long; I had to close my eyes quickly before I lost the metaphorical chubby I had going. LMAO! Oh, Gaby, you're so gross. =P
 Another first I had last week was eating Thai food for the first time. MmMmMmMm nom nom nom, party in my mouth. Looking forward to having more. Oh and I forgot to mention I sang, and almost performed, my stripper song at karaoke night. I love Warrant's Cherry Pie. I have always been embarrassed about singing in front of strangers, let alone a very erotic and HOT song like Cherry Pie. Friends, it will be repeated. It's how Bettie West was created. Who is Bettie West?? Well, it's one of my firsts. I created my first alter-ego. Creepy? Insane? Nah. I see it as original, innovative, confident, amusing, should I go on?  My alter-ego is a concoction of Bettie Page's sexy, adventurous personality and Mae West's cheeky, sassy, spicy, suggestive wit. Bettie has come out to play for two very entertaining, never boring, weeks. She's actually inspired some ideas for my "pop cherry" blog. Things to come: possible streaking, sky diving, bungee, voodoo, skinny dipping, men in uniforms, and maybe Vegas. Oh, blog of mine, I will make up for abandoning you for so long. I'm guessing these couple of firsts didn't make up for too much, but it sure reconnected us.

Here's to scandalous future posts...Cheers!

"Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before."  - Mae West