Saturday, January 8, 2011

Vestida y alborotada (google translate that shit)

  I missed my first post last night. Does that count for a new adventure? Yeeeeaaah, I wouldn't count that shit either. Hahahahaha Anyways, in my defense, I had one set up and ready to go. I had a game night to attend to and I was hoping to meet my first full blown, pure bred Italian Stallion. Don't get me wrong, game night was awesome! You can't have a bad time when wine and games filled with sexual innuendos are involved. I was just pretty bummed out that I, technically, got stood up. My friend was going to introduce me to her roman amico, Ciro. He just flew in from Roma and I believe will be staying for a couple of months.
 I guess I should start by saying, "Hello, everyone. My name is Gaby, and I'm addicted to Italy." Anything Italian based, I gotta take a hit of. So, when my friend said she had someone flying in from Rome, my vajayjay squealed with joy and glee! (TMI? then you really shouldn't continue reading future posts. LOL)
 Ciro decided to bail on game night and I didn't get to meet my ragazzo. I don't blame the guy; first night in Seattle and I'm gonna play some board games with strangers? Hmmmmm...let me think about this one. I was mostly, slightly, just a tad, disappointed with my friend. She practically gave me blue balls! Picture it this way:

You're a guy and your date (or gf) says, "You're gonna get some tonight. Oh you're so gonna get some tonight." You take her to a romantic restaurant and then, "Thanks for dinner, babe. These oysters and wine have me feeling randy. You ARE sooo gonna get some tonight." Finally, you take her back to your place, set the mood, get her more wine, dim the lights, and pop in some Barry White. As you sit next to her and caress her face, she pulls out the V-card and says, "This doesn't feel right." What.....the......fuck!?

Don't tell me you're coming, you're trying to head out, and you'll "holler" when you're around the corner and don't show up!!! Metaphorical BLUE BALLS, for sure! Bail on the idea from the beginning and save me the "wine and dinning" part. Oh man, she's lucky I have love for her.
 Game night made up for the fact I got stood up (not by one, but by two people), but I missed out on a blog post. No worries, my loyal followers, I know I will be making up for that. Tonight? Oh yes! I'm determined to make tonight a "post-worthy" night out of it.