Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vandalism! what a rush!

 Today's adventure might be considered a bit dull or humdrum for some, but for me it was filled with excitement and arousal. Shhhhh...I'm a lady. You will hear no more about that. Oh pish-posh, who am I kidding?! You will hear plenty in future posts. So, moving on, I decided to pop my vandalism cherry. I have never written on anything that I wasn't encouraged to. For example, I went zip-lining last year and they had a wall where they welcome their guests to sign their zip-lining experiences. I don't consider that vandalism. According to Webster, vandalism is the willful or malicious destruction of public or private property. Signing "'Over the Hill' Achievement -Gaby '10" doesn't really sound malicious to me, but who knows? Maybe some 50+ yr old might find it in bad-nature for a 26 yr old referencing the term "over the hill".
  I thought long and hard about where to leave my eternal footprint. I decided to visit my good friend in Fremont. He lives under a bridge and is referred to as the "Fremont Troll"; yea, oh so clever, huh? As I pulled up to my creepy friend's residence, I realized just because Seattle's sunset time is 4:30p!!!!!!!!!! (I might be exaggerating a tad), it doesn't mean tourists stop sight-seeing when the "sun" goes to bed. I waited for a good 30 mins; stared aimlessly at this boring troll and taking endless amount of pictures that I would be deleting as soon as I get into my warm car. Yes, I was standing in the cold (28F) and waiting "patiently" for these tourists to get a-stepping! 
 I get my moment! They walk away and I walk towards the troll with my handy dandy marker. It's permanent black, none of that washable crap. Oh yeah! what a rush!! Now, what to write!? It's gotta be impressionable, insightful, or crude and insulting! I GOT IT! EUREKA! "Go suck on a troll nut -GB '11" Readers, I made it known, in the beginning of this post, that I'm aware some might laugh at how stupid, boring, and even maybe retarded this may be. But no one can take the rush I got from tonight away from me. I, Gaby Baez, vandalized a tourist attraction tonight. Sure it's no space needle (that might be next on my list), but it sure was invigorating.
 I don't know how the hooligans, I mean, graffiti artists do it. It sure was an adrenaline rush, but the constant looking over my shoulder with every car passing or bump in the night, was enough for a one-time experience.  

 I wonder if this time next year, it will still be there. If this troll magically scrubs it away, mark my words, I will bring out the spray paint. If I get caught, I'll blame it on Bush. =P

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