Friday, January 14, 2011

Smile like a Saint, curse like a sailor...

I don't consider myself a groupie, but when it comes to Dashboard Confessional, I just can't help myself. I fight the urge to take off my underwear and throw it at him, or better yet, flash him some boobies! However, I am a lady in public and somehow find the strength to restrain myself. I found out back in December they were touring and were actually gonna be performing in Seattle. I bought my ticket asap! Unfortunately, I forgot to check if any of my friends in Seattle were even interested in DC. HA! Guess what? Only one of them was, and she was tight on money...I think. Oh sweet baby Jesus, I'm going to a concert by myself?! I posted it on FB to see if anyone would get into it, but I guess I did it too early. Shit, I even forgot about it till a week before the concert.
 The concert was extremely entertaining. I wasn't really looking forward to attending alone, but I figured it would be a blog entry. I made the line to will call by myself =( ; was about to get a drink, but thought, "Do I want to really be sloshed, alone, and melancholy due to Chris Carrabba's music?!" It was weird and awkward. I stood there thinking about what to do. Should I find a spot and get comfy? Should I introduce myself to someone and make a new friend? (hahaha...right!) Should I just walk out? (Hell no! I paid $30. I'm still "unemployed"!) So, I stood there looking for a great spot near the stage. I figured to make the best out of this. I've had a meal at a restaurant by myself, and I've gone to see a movie by myself too. Might as well continue to "pop my cherries".
 I saw two performances before my friend, Lissette, came to the rescue. It turns out she was a fan of DC too. She just never knew about me purchasing a ticket, or saw the link I posted. Either way, it's not like I was having a horrible time, but I was just having way too many good memories of home playing over and over again in my head. Back in Miami, I used to do a lot of concerts with friends. It was always tradition to see DC with my bestfriend, Bea. I was getting homesick and was having a hard time getting out of it. You couldn't really see it on my face since I'm good at hiding it, but it was most definitely going on in my head. Having someone there was helpful with my longing for home. Liz was able to get a ticket from a scalper outside. She paid $15! That lucky wench! LoL Having a friend there helped stop the memories that were close to ruining my experience with Chris. One awesome thing about that night was getting to hear a new band called, lady danville. They were truly a new sound I can get used to.
 In short, I don't see myself attending another concert alone anytime soon. If it's a band that I know my friends would have attended, but couldn't, then I'm most definitely not gonna go. If it's a band that I love and I don't want to miss, I would think twice but probably end up buying a ticket. I'm pretty opened to it now. Just give me some more time to fully be comfortable in my own skin. I'm nearly there. Just one step at a time.

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