Thursday, January 20, 2011

Potterheads will take over the world!

 As you may already know, I'm currently residing in Seattle. Most would say this place is inhabited by "smarty pants"; others would call them geeks or nerds. I don't mind either one of them. In fact, I welcome them all. They're great entertainment and loyal friends; at times, I kind of consider myself a closet geek. (Tip: If you want to continue being my friend, sustain yourself from commenting otherwise). Do you guys know the difference?
 Well a nerd is more of a studious and intelligent creature; one whose IQ exceeds his/her weight you might say. Then there's a geek; a creature with a devotion to something in a way that places him/her outside the mainstream or norm. I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Does that make me a geek?
 Since October, Seattle has been hosting Harry Potter: The Exhibition. I want to get this out there right now, but some have asked me, "Why hasn't Miami hosted this exhibit? Are they too cool for that stuff?" HEY! Miami has other nerdy stuff going on. Besides, why host an exhibit when we can have a Potter tourist attraction in our backyard 24/7? I cannot book a flight for Orlando, so, I must settle for the exhibit. Ladies and gents, I'm sure I will be having a stroke once I step into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Just by attending this exhibit, I was oozing with emotions. I was excited, ecstatic, and stimulated (yes, I said it. Once I saw Potter's robes, I wanted to jump into his twin dormitory bed and be ravished!). I wanted to practically live there. Never wanted to finish the tour. Once I reached the end, I was fighting the urge to go back to the beginning and start all over again. Alas, I wasn't alone and couldn't do so. Even though my friends were fellow Potter lovers, they don't have it as bad as I do.
 Funny story. I finally got together with my coffee date last night, and discussed the exhibit among other fun conversation starters. I realized there is such a thing as a 3rd creature. Somehow, a geek and a nerd found themselves lonely and attracted, and decided to reproduce; then there was the conception of a "neek". My friend, Ryan, is a neek. A neek is basically a book-smart geek. 
 I'm on a mission now, everyone. Are there others? I gotta find me some more neeks. I will wrestle one down and tie him up. Hoo-eee! Rodeo style! In all seriousness, though, think about it. Forget nerds or geeks taking over the world (if they haven't already), I think neeks are the future. I can see it now! During my lifetime, I will see a woman president who is a member of MENSA, and has the complete wand collection of Harry Potter. That shit will be displayed in the oval office for sure.

That's not gonna happen, is it? ............... Frick. >=\

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