Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Life is a highway

 I bought (leased) my first car this past weekend. After 3 days of torture, I finally got a new car. No more hand me downs, no more 50K+ mileage, and pure freedom! Well, it's not like I was restrained or incarcerated at my sister's home, but I was considerate with how much I took my brother in law's car out. So, now I have Jean Grey (yes, I name my cars) and the open road calling my name. She's a beaut. It wasn't love at first sight since I've always wanted a white Jeep Wrangler (I blame Clueless), but she has somehow wiggled her way into my heart. The only feature I wanted in my new car was a sunroof. Pretty silly since I'm currently residing in one of the most wettest cities.
 One of the things I kept making sure about the cars was if they had spacious backseats. HEY! I'm used to taking friends around and I wanted to make sure they would be comfortable back there. Anyways, this Corolla wasn't as spacious as the other cars I found, but something about it just called out to me. Maybe it was the fact that it was way within my budget, unlike the others. I'm so easily persuaded. On a serious note, though, my brother in law kept asking me if this was the car I WANTED! He kept saying, "I don't want you to settle." I don't find myself settling. The day will come when I will get my Jeep. Till then, I'm fine with finding what's good for now. (Whoa! Did I just stumble into another topic?) I told my brother in law that even though a Corolla wasn't even in my list of preferred cars, I'm pretty easy going. I know it will grow on me if we start with some connection at first. Jean had my moonroof (that's what they're called now. Still don't get it), and she was new with only 23 miles on her. I knew we could start from there. Now it's Wednesday and I can honestly say that I'm falling head over heels for her. Seattle had a beautiful sunny day today and I was able to drive around with my sunroof wide opened. It felt remarkable, momentous and significant. Being 3,000 miles away from home, from everything I've ever known, had me feeling a bit misplaced. I felt like the girl I've come to be or thought I was, had been missing or just plain stumped. I couldn't seem to grasp some familiarity in my new humble abode. Something that would make me feel like me and my old routine. I stupidly came here without a job, and that threw me off completely. I made friends (which I'm thankful for every day I spend here), but it still wasn't enough to feel like my old self.
 However, since my trip back home for the holidays, I feel like Gaby is back. I thought it was due to being home that helped me find my way, but I realized it wasn't. After today's drive, I came to the conclusion that I was lacking confidence. The confidence I felt when I was surrounded by my friends and family. I don't need that anymore. I have self-confidence, and my friends and family are perks. That goes for whatever city I choose to live in. I can move to Atlanta or Austin, and I'll still be proud of who I'm becoming. It's sad that by getting a car and feeling like an adult again, I was able to realize all this. Miami was helpful in bringing me back, but it's all up to me now on remembering that I am who I am where ever I go.

 Damn it! I was determined to make this blog crude and funny, and I just got all deep and shit. My apologies. I meant to say, "I got insightful and profound." I guess I'm bound to have my "off days" every now and then, and no, I'm not on the rag. Getting back to Jean, she'll be coming to Miami with me. Not sure if I'll be putting 3K in her (that sounds dirty), or ship her off by her lonesome self. We'll get to that when the time comes.

Catch you on the flip side, loyal followers.


  1. Congrats Gabster Dena and I always name our cars as well. Dena's Cherry Red Charger was named "Vampira" by her and my Magnum was creatively name "Maggy" by...her as well..... :(

  2. Drive over will create a bonding experience between you & Jean. Furthermore, the experience of seeing the US cross a definite plus……on a side note....Jean Grey is my alter ego 0=) because you know I possess those powers.....buahahahaha

  3. I hope you and Jean Gray will be very happy together! :)

  4. hahahaha Thanks guys! I think Jean and I are gonna have many adventures.

  5. I want you to name my car... i would be honored :)