Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I double-dog-dare you

 I'm really enjoying this resolution of mine. I'm trying to come up with the most creative ideas for each post. Something new everyday. I kind of hit a bump today, though. I got so distracted with every day stuff, that I almost forgot about doing something. So, I started thinking, "Hey, I said I could read something new and write about it." Yeah? No, I gave up on that. Instead, I came across an image of one of favorite holiday movies, A Christmas Story.
 If you can remember one of the most funniest parts of this movie, then you'll know where I'm at getting with this. I saw this flick when I was pretty young and always thought that "can't be true". There's no way. Can your tongue really get stuck to a flag pole like that? Well, I decided to finally see if it was Hollywood magic.
 No, my friends. I'm in no need of a small yellow bus or some sort of special education. CURIOSITY might have killed the cat, but I am no cat! I decided to open the freezer door and place my tongue on the ice bucket lid. It stuck right on there. It was seconds before I decided to pull away and felt a tug. CRAP! What the fuck did I just do!? I think to myself, "You fucking retard!" No worries, no worries. I pulled away, as fast as I would take a band-aid off, and it worked. It stun for a bit, bled a little, and I look up closely and notice I left some sort of skin residue on the lid. GROSS! The things I do for my blog. I'm so dedicated to this thing. After today's experience, I realized I'm willing to commit to this 100%. Even if my adventures make me look like an idiot to a bunch of strangers. Now, if my readers are friends, then this post really shouldn't come to you as a surprise.
 Ladies and gents, you literally should "not do this at home". There are some things you should just let it be. Don't worry, guys. I won't be watching any of the Jackass movies any time soon. bwahahahahahaha


  1. ....short yellow bus? I am offended!!! lol

  2. i knew you would say something about that. nerd!

  3. LOL U do belong on a short bus!!! LOL