Thursday, January 6, 2011

COOKIEEEEE MONSSTER!!!! Nom nom om om...

Today's adventure comes from my secret desire of becoming a culinary genius! I discovered, this summer, a love for cooking and a tiny crush on baking. Sink or swim! While I had the house to myself this August, I had to cook and fend for myself. Now that the family is back, I haven't been cooking or baking as much. I decided to kill two birds with one stone. Let me bake something that I have never done before and get to do what I love and haven't done in a while.
 I have made chocolate chip cookies hundreds of times, but they're the Pillsbury already-made cookie dough stuff. So, I took the challenge and decided to make cookies from scratch! Guys, here and now, I will say this, I will never make cookies from scratch again! What a pain in my ass! Ok ok ok, to their defense, I was too lazy to print out the recipe and I got annoyed having to go back and forth to the laptop. But still, they're a mess! Also, knowing what they are made of, I feel sooooooo guilty in eating one those things. They're pure sugar!!!! I gotta come up with a recipe that tastes great, but doesn't make a fat kid go into an epileptic shock. Can that happen? Educate me, please. =P (I rather hear it from a person, than end up googling it)
 Anyways, the cookies came out great. My nephews loved them. My niece is taking some to school to seduce, I mean, share with a friend of hers; of course, the adults thought one was enough with a glass of milk. It was a successful first attempt. Although, I'll be honest, I'll consider it a success if one of these kids gets a cavity by next week. SCORE!


  1. More like a diabetic coma secondary to hyperglycemia....not epileptic shock...only if there listening to trance music while consuming them..... =)

  2. yay! Nurse Adri to the rescue! lol thanks for the