Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blog Cherry Popped!

 Jesus, Mary and Joseph! How do you start one these things?! Back in school, they gave you a topic sentence and you go with it. Blog...that's it? That's all I get. "Go ahead, Gaby...just blog." If it was that easy, then why doesn't everyone do it? Oh wait a sec, many do already. So, I decided to make this easy for myself. Let's pick a theme, a topic.
 Some of you have already heard of this "taking a picture for each day of the year" business, right? Well, I decided to change it up a bit. Mostly, because I think it's cheesy, unoriginal, and slightly boring to just take a picture each day of the year. My 6 year old nephew takes great pictures. I gotta upstage a 6 yr old. Don't judge. You would do it too. Instead, I decided to go crazy and "BAM!", go Emeril on this shit! I will be blogging everyday (HA! we'll see about that), about something new that I have never done, witness, or heard. For example, today...this very are witnessing and experiencing my blog cherry being popped. Oh. That felt good. Cigarette? Yes, please.
 Friends, strangers, maybe the occasional family member, please don't get seduced and bewildered by my blog's title. This is a family-appropriate blog, with the slight chance of cussing, sexually inappropriate, racist, comically induced comments here and there. Don't forget cheeky and sarcastic. 
 Start the new year of 2011 with a bang! Blog life, here I come! Although I think I'm mentally ready for all the criticism and opinions that come along with starting a blog, I'm not sure if I'm emotionally and mature enough to handle it well.  Bring it, bitches!

WARNING: Due to laziness, fatigue, possible hangovers, lack of sleep, and pure apathy, please feel free to ignore any grammatical errors or misplacement of punctuation marks. PUT THE RED PEN AWAY! Fragments are our friends. At least they were mine throughout most of middle school and high school. In college, I decided to use my female assets and get a boy to write my essays for me. Again, don't judge. It wasn't ALL the time.

Happy New Year, punks! Feel free to leave comments. I accept anonymous readers, but I respect and admire those with big enough testes to put their names. bwahahahaha

P.S. I'm also accepting any suggestions of things I may be a "virgin" too. Don't be a wise guy. Nothing to do with spiders, please. Unless you want me to stop blogging, due to death caused by a heart attack.


  1. That wasn't so bad, now was it? I'm going to enjoy reading your blog, fun stuff... hey, make sure to link it to your Twitter.

    p.s. Spiders?

  2. yea! hate those things! literally have an anxiety attack every time. Thanks again, Hank!

  3. Very, very, very interesting, lil' sis - can't wait to see how you are going to make EACH day count in a different way...One hundred points to you!